14 Outrageous shoe designs you’ll actually want to wear

We’ve all seen those bizarre, high-statement heels by designers that only the likes of Lady Gaga would wear. Sure, they’re mesmerising (these are a case in point), but would we actually wear them, even if we could afford them?


Still… there’s something magical about a special pair of stilettos or slip-ons, as Dorothy discovered when she clicked the heels of her ruby reds. An unconventional pair of shoes can add lightness to a dreary day, help you stand out from the crowd, and give you a confidence boost.

Here are some fabulously quirky finds for your footsies.

1 Planning a “big night out” is always a gamble. But wear these, and the dice may be loaded in your favour.

Throw A Six Irregular

2 Who needs a red carpet, with these Dorothy-esque darlings?

Anna Seed Irregular Choice

3 They’re spick and span enough for work, yet these Corporate Beauties are cheeky enough to make you feel anything but a corporate cardboard cut-out.

Corporate Beauty Irregular

4 We can’t all be GOT’s Queen Daenerys Targaryen, sadly. But there be dragons on these here heels – ready to make some flaming moves in dance-floor battles.

Locky Irregular Choice

5 An invisible heel? Check. Dramatic details? Check. In these Truly Magical heels, you’re set to bewitch…

Truly Magical Irregular Choice

6 These Svetlana flats have such fairy-tale whimsy to them. Wear them and hear people say: “You have feet like a doll!”

Svetlana Irregular

7 There’s something rather Devil Wears Prada about this design – a minimalist, feminine nod to the steel-toe boot.


8 Lady Poker shoes let you take the King and Queen out on a royal tour of the town.

Lady Poker

9 Need something to go with your sexy romper as you sip on cocktails on your next seaside holiday? These Hot Tropic Heels are just the ticket.

HH Tropic Hot Chocolate

10 Undoubtedly the perfect pairing for those with itchy feet. With the world (map) at your feet, you’re all set to say Bon Voyage

bon voyage 2


11 These Marie Antoinette beauties take the, er, cake. Why? They come with a “double topping”, so they can be worn as either Mary Jane heels or lavish little booties.

MarieAntoinette Hot Chocolate Design

12 Black Cat pointed heels for full-moon nights on the prowl. Miaow…


13 These are guaranteed to make any 80s kid beary, beary happy 🙂


14 They boast the strength of Doc Martens and the seductive shade of Shiraz. They’re also named after the Greek Goddess who went from being kidnapped maiden to Queen of the Underworld. Put me down for a pair of Persephones!

dr-martens-shiraz-persephone-6-eye-padded-collar-boot-Persephone  Seirene collection


Irregular Choice
Hot Chocolate Designs: lindakleynhans@gmail.com
Iron Fist
Dr Martens


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