David Bowie on Dreams…


I read loads of incredible stories about David Bowie and his influence after he died last month (as I’m sure you did too), but something he said on dreams (posted on Facebook by Canadian dreamworker Toko-pa Turner) caught my attention most…

Being imbued with a vividly active imagination, still, I have brilliantly Technicolor dreams. They’re very, very strong. The ‘what if?’ approach to life has always been such a part of my personal mythology, and it’s always been easy for me to fantasise a parallel existence with whatever’s going on. I suspect that dreams are an integral part of existence, with far more use for us than we’ve made of them, really. I’m quite Jungian about that.

Of course, you just have to look at his videos or listen to his lyrics to know the artist was very in tune with his dream life. Perhaps that’s why his work seems to have captured the imaginations of so very many – it straddled the line between the two worlds we all move between.

Since his death, I’ve seen a few people post on FB about having just dreamt about Bowie (even beyond the comments on Toko-Pa’s initial post, which are worth a read), so it seems the spaceman-starman-shaman is still doing his work, but in another (no less real) dimension.

The day he died, I’d just started the first page of my dream journal for 2016. I’ve been keeping one for years … tracking my dreams adds a whole other (magical, intriguing) element to life. What a gift. Dreams can be useful, too.

In an article for Elephant Journal, counsellor Angela Merrill takes the Bowie/dream quote as her starting point for explaining the therapeutic benefit of dream-work, which allows us to access the unconscious.

Read her Four-Step Approach to Dream analysis, plus handy hints for dream recall, here.


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