What goes well with craft beer? Colouring-in, of course

The year 2015 will go down in publishing history as the year of the adult colouring book. The concept is so long overdue, I’m sure loads of publishers and artists are kicking themselves, wondering “Why didn’t we think of that?”

The craze has been widely written about, colouring clubs have formed worldwide, and new publications on the theme keep popping up (a mindfulness exercise book featuring mathematical patterns to colour, anyone?).

I recently bought my twin sister, who trained as a textile designer, a colouring book of Arts & Crafts patterns for her birthday. And one I really have my eye on is this Secret Garden colouring book, which has sold more than three million copies in less than three months.

Recently, I went to a colouring-in event hosted by the Cape Town-based Meet-Up group called Play school for grown-ups, at the Brewer’s Coop in Woodstock.

Colour & craft beer

Pencils, designs, beer samples ready… go!

In-between sampling the craft beers and ciders on offer, we got to shading-in some stunning templates (some of us with more skill than others).


My friend Anna’s mandala picture. (She says her Waldorf school background may have given her the colouring edge.)

I had fun bringing some colour to an image of a steam-punk priestess, regressing to school-era art classes in stimulating adult company.

If you’re looking to de-stress and meet people, without the pressure on the meeting of people part, why not do the same? The Play school for grown-ups group has two events lined up for September so far:

And you can DIY with these downloadable colouring-in templates and designs.

Colour party

My friend Olivia’s montage of shots from the day.


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